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Because we used to own horses, and I've always loved them...

For horse owners in financial trouble:

Feed: Oregon Horse Welfare Council offers help with hay.
541-482-5550 or htttp://
Your place must pass an inspection.

Oregon Hay Bank, 4723 Hwy 66, Ashland OR 97520, 541-482-5550,  All donations are tax-deductible.

Sound Equine Options: feed, vet care, and training for neglected horses in northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

Vaccinations: Unwanted Horse Veterinary Relief Campaign, provides common vaccines (for rescues only). 859-233-0147 

Rescue organizations

1. Unwanted Horse Welfare Coalition

2. Oregon Horse Welfare Council

3. Free listings for people who want to put their horse up for adoption

4. Equine Therapy barns may accept a healthy horse.
Try Forward Stride 503-590-2959 or     
or (click on 'find a center.')

5. For help with humane euthanasia: http://oregoniansagainst

Links to Resources

Alpaca Owners Association

Alpaca Academy
From the Alpaca Registry - all sorts of info on alpaca care, marketing, showing, breeding, farm management, and more.

Black Sheep Newsletter

Local Harvest
Find family farms, farmers' markets, locally grown produce and meat, and other sources of sustainably grown food in your area nationwide.

Farm Service Administration
USDA info on loans for beginning farmers -
the catch is that often you need 3 years of farming experience. Plus, loans targeted to women, African Americans, American Indians, Alaskan natives, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Pacific Islanders, and programs to help landowners sell land on a
contract to a new or minority farmer.

USDA site for beginning farmers: build a personalized recommendation of USDA programs and services, plus info on writing a business plan, obtaining a loan, filing taxes, and more.

Oregon State Extension Service
Extension service offers educational materials through an online catalog, many without charge, plus information about 4-H. Materials on everything from crops and livestock to conservation to caring for the elderly.
In Oregon:
Clackamas County, 503-655-8635.
Washington County, 503-725-2110.

Maryland Small Ruminant website
Links for shepherds - "predators," "sheep for beginners," "parasites," forms for record keeping, and more. Much of it applies to alpacas, as well as sheep and goats.

International Camelid Institute
from Ohio State University, the Institute has
information on camelid health and well-being.

NCAT Sustainable Agricultural Project
Resources for starting a fiber animal

A Guide to All Things Sheep from Premier
Livestock Supplies

Pipestone Lamb and Wool Program: online
courses, many applicable to alpacas also.

The Livestock Conservancy: research,
education, and communication to promote
and conserve endangered breeds of
livestock and poultry.
Free online courses: Marketing Your Fiber
Products and Buying And Selling Wool.

Shave 'em to Save 'em:  get your passport and use wool from endangered breeds.

Linda Jenii sitting.jpg

Llama and Alpaca Rescue:
Adopt, Foster, Donate, Sponsor... find a home for neglected,abused, abandoned camelids.
Southwest Llama Rescue
Southeast Llama Rescue
Still Pointe Llama Sanctuary (alpacas, too)
Olympic Peninsula Llama/Alpaca Rescue
Cross Creek Alpaca Rescue
Alpaca Re-home Remedy

Next Chance Ranch

Rescue for goats and sheep:
New Moon Farm Goat Rescue & Sanctuary, Arlington WA

Rescue for all farm animals:
Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary Salem OR
The Animal Rescue Site
Baahaus, PO Box 2356, Vashon WA 98070
Wildwood Farm Sanctuary Newberg OR
Hooved Animal Rescue of Thurston County (Washington State)
and other animal rescue sites on Facebook.



Washington State Animal Response Team Orientation (WASART)
is a 501(c)3 organization dedicated to large (and small) animal response situations for individual or community wide animal needs as a result of natural, man-made, or other disasters. Flood evacuation planning, large scale disaster evacuation and handling, and individual livestock extraction activities are their forte.

They have a fully accredited training and response program in conjunction with national Strategic Animal Response Plans through FEMA, USDA, etc. They are very much interested in expanding and diversifying the breadth of their membership and knowledge base by including folks from livestock areas beyond cattle and horses.

Washington State Animal Response Team (WASART)
"Helping Animals and Their Owners in Disasters"
www.washingtonsart.orgEmergency Phone: 425-681-5498


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