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"Wanted to let you know that I got the fleece today in the mail.
Thank you! Such beautiful
ringlets!...Thank you so much.
This was my first mail order deal and you made it easy and trustworthy."

Teresa B
Columbia, Missouri

"Linda at EasyGo Farm provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision on the purchase of an alpaca from her: fiber samples, pictures, etc.
She even assisted me in locating reliable affordable transport from Oregon to Missouri.
Wonderful communication before and after the sale.
The alpaca I purchased was exactly as promised and absolutely
Good as Gold!
Feel confident in purchasing from this honest and helpful breeder."



 Teresa purchased EasyGo Good As Gold,   a junior herdsire, now working on her   farm.

Good's stand.jpg


from people who've done business with us.

From Ella in Florida, who purchased fleece:

"I can certainly understand people's nervousness
about dealing over the Internet; I'm rarely
comfortable with that myself - I visited your site
several times and really thought hard before making the contact.
I'm so glad I purchased Felicia's baby fleece, the
possibilities are endless for blending. I immediately spun a skein without blending it with anything and will never do anything with it except pet and admire it. It's so beautiful!
I was greatly impressed with your attention to my
order. It was obvious that you wanted me to be
happy with the fleece, and that you were proud of it - as well you should be!
I have your website in my favorites and visit from
time to time just to admire your alpacas. I have
shown the pictures to my first-graders, none of whom had ever seen an alpaca before."

From Marguerite 
Sheridan, Oregon

"We bought two male alpacas from Barry and Linda. A month later we went to shearing day at EasyGo Farm to learn as much as we could and bring the boys home.
Barry showed us how to trim feet, and Linda gave us the benefit of her wealth of knowledge about alpacas.
When we brought them home, they had just been shorn. Now, eight months later, we are really pleased with both boys. Leo, the huacaya, has dense crimpy fiber which has been a joy to spin.
Both Barry and Linda have been available to answer our many questions and allay our concerns. We have thoroughly enjoyed our association with EasyGo Farm and couldn't be more pleased with
our alpacas."

These two fiber males took First Place (Leo, the huacaya) and Best Lock Structure (Robbie, the suri) at the EVAA Alpaca Exhibition.

From Jasmine who bought Flirt's fleeces

"I just opened the box today, and can I say, "OMG!"
This is the softest, easiest to spin alpaca fiber I have had to date.
The first and only alpaca fiber I have worked with wasn't as soft and fluffy as this, and it was a pain to spin. But Flirt's fleece! Jesus, Mary & Joseph...this is a great fleece!
You were right. Once I got a taste of this fiber I was gonna come back for more. I will take the remaining 1lbs+, that is left of her fleece. And let me know how much the next year's ENTIRE  fleece is as well.
Thanks so much. I will definitely be a repeat customer.
P.S. - Please don't sell Flirt. She produces such great fiber."


From Jeanne 
Hollister, California.

"Alpaca fever had hit me hard, and I was delighted to purchase two yearling females from Linda and Barry that were priced right for meto get started.
They have been a good support, answering all my questions promptly and providing information on miscellaneous products that I have needed for my business. I highly recommend doing business
with EasyGo Farm!"

Patty S. who bought wool at the
Black Sheep Gathering.

"Violet's fleece is lovely...I unfurled it this afternoon and took a good look at it.  My intent is to over dye some of the lightest parts for a heathery look.     I bought a small Romney last year at Booneville and I call it 'the disappointing fleece'.  ...Violet is making up for it :) "












Last year at the Black Sheep Gathering, Patty from California bought Violet's wool. She spun up 13
skeins from it, and this year she entered one in the Fiber Arts competition - took a First and Reserve
Now I don't think Violet and I can take much credit; it's Patty's spinning skill that took the prize. But we can bask in her reflected glory.
Violet is variegated silver grey, but the color of the skein is hard to describe - not grey, not white, not cream, but beautiful.


From Lyn who purchased wool:

"I... bought Teddy's fleece at Black Sheep Gathering last year. I am a novice spinner and it's taken me till this last weekend to get up the nerve to wash the fleece, but after laying it out, I felt I had to thank you for the wonderful care you took of Teddy and this beautiful fleece.
For one thing, it's so CLEAN. No frustrations there, picking bits of straw out as I go. The color is lovely, the texture is soft, and I know I'm going to have lots of fun, only hope I do it justice.
Please give Teddy an extra tickle under the chin from me, and again my very great thanks to you for all your hard work.
I can hardly wait and can only imagine how much fun I'm going to have spinning and knitting it into something I will treasure."

            Teddy is a sweetie and appreciates any
                tickles and scratches that she gets.


Please don't reproduce these photos without permission.

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